How to help Puppywatch

Pet retailers rely on bulk purchases of puppies from a commercial source - puppies often reared without the familiarity of humans, in an unsuitable barren environment, without love or care, without socialisation or adequate nourishment and with the risk of exposure to stress and disease.

The puppy trade flourishes because of the demand for pedigree dogs. If you are thinking of getting a dog, go to a reputable breeder, or better still a sanctuary or animal shelter. Always beware of adverts in papers offering different breeds of dog. Many will have come from a commercial source, or puppy farm. Please don’t buy a puppy from a pet shop. Each puppy sold can help fuel this miserable trade.

If you buy a puppy from a private home, always ask to see the puppy with its mother. Unscrupulous traders will try to sell puppies purchased from puppy farms as if they were offspring of their own pet dog.

Puppywatch runs a help line to enable people to make an informed choice.

Become proactive
Write letters to MPs and newspapers. Generate interest amongst other dog lovers, place our information sheets and leaflets in vets and libraries. Start a local group or give a talk.

Sponsor a breeding bitch held hostage by an appalling trade. Help raise awareness to her plight. Be her friend and help her silent suffering be heard.

Raise awareness of Puppywatch on the internet
Please link back to us to help raise our profile on the internet. Use any of the following Puppywatch buttons to link to www.puppywatch.org.uk from your own pages.

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If you know of anyone who has purchased a puppy or kitten from a commercial source and it is sick or has died, please let us know with as many details as possible. The chances are the animal will have been bred commercially, and with sufficient details the breeder can be identified and the local authority informed.


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