The reality of puppyfarming

The cruelty of puppy farming

Daisy is seven. In her short life she has produced 12 litters - 88 tiny puppies born in a dark shed formerly used for keeping livestock. Thirty other female dogs, all confined to tiny cubicles, share her windowless, comfortless prison, some rearing puppies.

Daisy sleeps on an old bread palette. She has a thin layer of straw for bedding. Her water bowl is often empty. Food is thrown in once a day. She has never known love, affection or human companionship. Daisy has never known the joy of running free across the fields.

Daisy is just one of the thousands of victims of puppy farming. Please help stop this cruelty now. Learn to recognise a puppy farm at work. Find out how to tell if your local pet shop or “dog breeder” is selling farmed puppies. Discover what you can do to stop animals being mistreated to meet the demand for pedigree puppies. You can help us in so many simple ways.

Please be a friend to puppies and dogs everywhere.

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